Mon - Sat 10am to 9pm & Sun 10am to 7pm

What We Do

​Complete relaxation!  You are here to unwind and help your body strengthen and rejuvenate itself. QC has four, semi-private rooms.  Three rooms seat single clients and our big room seats six.  In addition we have three private couples rooms. Our rooms are dimly lit and are painted in a warm earth tone color with varied hangings of art.  Our sound system delivers a combination of nature and music designed to deliver a hearing sensory relaxation session. Your reflexologist will begin by placing your feet in a foot tub of warm/hot water mixed with a Chinese herbal tea.  While your feet are soaking your upper body is placed in a 1/4 reclined up position.  Work begins on the forehead, side temples, ears and scalp.  Two freshly sliced cool cucumbers will be placed over your eyes with a towel lightly resting on top to help relax you and your mind.  Your therapist will now start to work on your neck and shoulders to loosen those muscles that tighten up with stress.  Next are the arms and hands with some stretching of the arms as well.  OK, here comes the best part. Your FEET are taken out of the plastic lined bucket, dried and wrapped in a towel.  While one foot remains wrapped  the other is having pressure point reflexology applied.  The application of oil is to soothe the rubbing of the feet.  Next are your calves up to the mid thigh region. After this expect some leg bending and stretching.  Your reflexologist will now ask you to turn your body over face down in the chair in a fully reclined position.  Our chairs are supplied with a built in face hole for added comfort.  The rest of your session will focus on your upper, mid and lower back, glutes and back legs.  At the end a fresh steamed towel will be place on your neck and shoulders to allow a deep heat penetration. Some back stretching and upper torso bending and pulling will occur, so if you have any restrictions please let us know on our questionnaire.  If you are in our computer system our data base keeps track of your visits and any notes you add to help make your next visit as good as the last!  Come on in and try it, we look forward to your visit and response!
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About Us
QC Reflexology has been owned and operated by Linda and Jim since March of 2008.  In that time we have brought relief to thousands of clients who just can't seem to get enough of QC!  Given the advanced age of technology in this country it seems as if too many people are getting what we call "Over Connected" and it is not a good thing.  Stress is a killer that creeps up on you and knocks you down but not without warning.  If you are under stress your body is telling you through tight muscles, headaches, burning eyes, sore feet, trouble sleeping and aggravated moods to mention just a few.  Coming to QC helps you to manage those symptoms of stress plus so much more.  And my goodness PLEASE, when you come... turn off your cell phone.  If you can not survive at least an hour without that on that cell phone is HALF the reason why you are here!  We hope to see you soon.
​Linda n Jim

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Our Facility

QC Reflexology was originally located at Higley & Baseline from March of 2008 to March of 2014 at which time we moved to a bigger facility down the road at Greenfield & Baseline next to Fat Cats.

Our rooms are semi-private and QC caters to one client or up to 14 at one time.  Since this is a clothes on experience our clients love to do group sessions.  For large groups always call for availability and try to book at least 48 hours ahead of time.  Take notice of the map below for our exact location.

4331 E Baseline Rd, Gilbert, AZ, United States

S/W corner of Greenfield & Baseline