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QC Reflexology Online Booking

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Online Booking Policies & Assistance


  • No Shows - Things happen in life but please try your best to let us know ahead of time.  We require at least two hours notice so we have a chance to fill the spot.  If for some reason you fall into the two hour time frame we will do our best to refill that spot otherwise you will marked a no show and a credit card will be required for future appointments.  If you do make your next session then you will be charged the cost of the session.

  • Booking Multiple Parties - Sign into your account, make one selection for yourself, confirm it then log off.  Now, you want to log back in, make one selection for #2 at the same time, leave a note giving the individuals name along with their phone number, book it then log off and repeat if necessary.

  • Parties of 4 or More - QC can book up to 12 folks at one time plus everyone gets the lowest price we can offer.  One person (the ring leader) is required to have their c/c number in their profile.  If a no show occurs their card will be charged for the cost of the session for each person who does not show up in your party.

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