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A 60 minute reflexology QC session covers your scalp, hands n feet.  If you want longer work in those areas then the 90 and 120 minute sessions are right for you.  In a rush and just want to work the hands or feet, then the 30 minute is for you.

This is a clothes on experience so please dress like you are going to the gym, shorts and a shirt are preferred.  So come in to QC, recline back in one of our rooms and find tranquility.

When you combine a foot detox with a reflexology session, you will receive $5 off of the detox.  Usually you want to schedule your detox BEFORE your session if combined.


Target therapy is where we focus on a particular area for a certain length of time to help alleviate what ever pain you have.  You can choose any length of session you wish but the ones listed are the sessions QC recommends based on ten years of observation and results.


We have had clients with migraines that as you know can really knock you out!  Not everyone can benefit from a migraine with a QC session but most of our clients do feel the benefits.

I have always recommended a 90 minute session to spend more time in migraine trigger areas.  This helps relax the blood vessels and improve better blood flow.

The best part is you will have no headache when you see how great of a cost it is!

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